EPISODE 22: BONUS - Chasing the World Record, Entering the Pain Cave and Sustaining a Lifetime of Fitness

Featuring: Rip Esselstyn with Scott Battishill


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We’ve interviewed some real game changers in the plant-strong community during this first season of the Plant-Strong Podcast and you’ve followed the journey of Joe Inga, a NY Firefighter who went from couch potato to triathlete in just a few short months.

In this BONUS episode, we peek into Rip’s own transformative journey this year to break the 200m backstroke world record for ages 55-59. He talks about why this was such an important goal for him, how he went about his training in order to succeed, and how this success is a lesson for all of us.

His biggest piece of advice? Find something you love and embrace a community of others who are also doing what you love to do.

And, of course, remain plant-strong.

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Ami Mackey